Bitidentify Technology

Bitidentify Our Creative Inventation

Bitidentify is a novel data security protection system. We have this technology patent ownership. Apart from those of the general protection software on the market, the technical solution we provide is more robust, complete and secure. It can effectively prevent hackers stealing, virus aggression and also provides high-performance operating system maintenance.

Future-oriented Solution Against Cyber-War Bitidentify intelligent Data Storage is a product that has an effective concept against hacking. This is the result of years of analysis and development. With the application of Bitidentify security technology, a new generation in the struggle against international hacking is being introduced.

Hardware Protection Principle Of Operation Bitidentity is a pure hardware operating technique so you can completely stop the intruder attempting to modify the system program or stealing data. To work this technology do not need additional software installation and drivers. Therefore the demand for software updates is unneccessary.

OS Independant BitIdentify is applicable to any operating system which is an OS independent solution. This protection technology is not yet appeared on the market now. This is our creative research and developement.

Future Implementations

Bitidentify security technology is able to implement in Laptops, desktop computers, second phase servers and storages. The transmission of Bitidentify system is based on the SATA interface; also, SSD (Solid State Drive) is a main component.
Bitidentify security technology can be used in company, government organization as well as personal computers. All the  classified corporate data will also be protected from internal attacks. With Bitidentify Security Technology, a comprehensive security system is provided.