Why We Are Committed To Bitidentify?

In the modern society, digital information has become an indispensable in our daily life. Computers, cell phones and tablets are shown everywhere and are used anytime. In workplace, customer information, financial reports and product plans are stored in the shared storage. In personal life, bank account information, contact information of friends as well as relatives and private photos are also stored in our personal storage which connected to Internet network.

The digital information brings us a convenient life but it also brings the information security crisis. In past decades, the accidents such as data theft through Internet, hacking emerge in endlessly. Malicious virus on the Internet can also infect our computer via e-mail or web-browsing easily. Even, the famous hacker group “Anonymous” appeared.

" Team Ghostshell, a group of hackers, who were already in the news with their hacker attacks on large universities worldwide and the publishing of 120,000 posts, had continuously hacked into large organizations and had exposed ca. 1.6 million accounts. “

” The nuclear security service of the UNO has admitted, that and earlier data server was hacked. The stolen information, which contained investigations into the nuclear activities of Israel, came up in a declaration by a group with an Iranian-sounding name.”

” Coca-Cola was hacked; however they never announced this in a press release. The hackers had gained access to the company‘s data system and had stolen sensitive data concerning the attempted takeover of the Chinese Huiyuan Juice Group. The Huiyuan – Deal – over 2.4 billion US-Dollars, which failed three days later, would have been at that time the largest foreign takeover of a Chinese company. “

Although, there are many anti-virus softwares in current markets; also, companies build their own security system for safety. However, the hacking accidents happened everyday as usual because the anti-virus software still can be destroyed. Therefore, we propose a hardware-protection solution.

We envision a no software-assisted protection technology and dedicate to the promote the solution to the public. We hope the information we have especially for confidential documents can be free from the threat of network and are fully protected.