Potential Market

Business Opportunities

According to the current demand for effective data security solutions from governments, agencies, militaries, banks, insurance companies, and global players, as analyzed by the IT-Market experts of the companies Gartner, iSupply, Heise and TecChannel, offers the company sufficient market potential.

Target Client Group

Being a victim of Cyber Crime is not a question of company size. The operation of internet-connected IT-Infrastructure is all that is necessary to offer points of attack to external threats. Cyber-Attacks can inflict devastating damage to companies, agencies, and institutions of any size.

When one considers that the increasing number of mobile devices as well as the technologies of virtualization and cloud will pose additional challenges to data security; there exists an acute need for action to find a future-oriented data security solution. The protection against cyber-attacks is a priority for every company, every agency or institution and for every area of the military.

Bitidentify technology is suitable for any corporate as well as government organization. Once the companies adapt our protect solutions, it gives a safer work environment. They are our potential clients that we would like to introduce to.

Unique Selling Point

The unique selling points of the Bitidentify Security Technology are the future-oriented features in the struggle against hacking. It is important to emphasize that this technology guarantees protection against unauthorized access to data (hacking) in real time, since this constellation of the technology is not manipulable.

All of purely software-based data security solutions which are currently on the market work creatively. The viruses, trojans, and root kits constructed by hackers cannot always be recognized by software-based security programs when they are first introduced. Up until the programming of deactivation programs these pests remain the door openers for ongoing hacking.