System Engineer specialized in FPGA and Electronic design and verification

The digital age brings us a convenient life but at the cost of something much more important; Security. The threat of cybercrime to businesses and governments is rising fast. With Bitidentify’s new, breakthrough technology, this is something they want to help prevent. Maybe you are their new daring co-worker?

About the company

Bitidentify Technology is an IT-company developing security solutions for both software and hardware. We offer a patented and safe, hacker protected communication with the global internet system and external units connected to your intranet and its node computers. With Bitidentify Technology installed no data can enter or leave your intranet and its node computers without your permissions.

As no antivirus program can be 100% effective, hackers are constantly analyzing antivirus programs to find ways around their detection. Bitidentify uses proactive security rather than reactive, and our system is built around never having your data connected to the internet. If a hacker can’t see your data, it can’t be stolen or even targeted for attempted hacking – This is proactive security at it’s finest, and the threat of cybercrime is minimized.

Bitidentify is now looking for their next co-worker, an electrical engineer who will be working with hardware development in a new exciting project. You will, together with a project colleague, develop hardware for military cyber border control purposes. This is a brand-new, never-been-done-before product to be developed according to the patent.

Job Description:

We are looking for a System Engineer specialized in FPGA and Electronic design and verification to lead the transfer of our early patent prototype to a product.

The role entails involvement in the whole development aspects and processes of our products from the early conception phases to mass production. Your creative skills come to great use in:

  • Defining the requirements, specifications, and overall board architecture.

  • Development of a design and a test plans for FPGA and PCB.

  • Making architectural and implementation decisions to ensure we are launching the right product / features.

An example of your duties in FPGA work:

  • Review and optimize current architecture.

  • Design and implement new blocks.

  • Review and continue development of current blocks.

  • Creation of verification plan.

  • Review current testbenches and update them.

  • Design new unit and system testbenches.

  • Documentation of design and test.

An example of your duties in PCB part are:

  • Design the board architecture.

  • Perform an electronic components selection study.

If you are interrested in this position please send your application to:

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