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Turn your computer into a impregnable fortress; nothing get’s in, nothing get’s out

The Bitidentify SDL system get’s it’s intrinsic security from two intertwined technologies: Linux and Virtualization. The core of the system is a custom Linux OS (Host) that uses virtualization technology to run another OS (Guest) on top of it. The Guest OS is split in two modes by the Host, Open & Secure, with different software/hardware properties. Each instance of the Host runs separately and the user switches between these two work enviroments.

The Open Machine is open to the Internet but closed to LAN
This enables you to use the internet without the risk of spreading malware on your Local Area Network (LAN).

The Secure Machine is closed to the Internet but open to LAN
This is where you work on sensitive information safe in the knowledge that there is no possible way for that data to leave your computer without your express consent.

Open and Secure Machine

Nothing get's in

Open and connected or Secure and disconnected

At the heart of the Bitidentify system we are running a Linux core that in turn virtualizes two separate OS that constitutes the Open and Secure side. The virtualized OS’es does not share any storage space and are fully separated.

Speed deamon

Fastest OS-Switching in the Industry? Probably.

Switch between the Open and Secure side in seconds, just hit the shortcut keys and your up and running in no time! If the system is installed on an SSD-Drive it wont take more than 5-seconds to switch between Open and Secure.

System Restore

Back to safety

Virus? No problem, just restore your system

If you get infected with mallicious code you can easily restore your system to it’s original state, compleatly removing the infection. This works for any type of virus, malware or ransomware that make changes to your Operating System.

No harmful devices

Only allowed USB-Devices

In many office enviroments USB-sticks are plugged in to multiple computers daily, each time exposed to potential infection. Bitidentify only allows USB-devices that are registred with the users specific computer thus minimizing the risk of inadvertedly infecting your system.

Only allowed USB
Invisible File Storage

Total file security

Secure storage that’s invisible to anyone but you

Files stored on the secure side are invisible to anyone but the user when using the internet on the open side. There is no way for a hacker to gain access since there is no way to infect what you cannot target.

A look under the hood

Here’s simple diagram of the Bitidentify system with generic computer hardware on the bottom, Linux (Host) in the middle and the Open and Secure Machines (Guests) branching upwards.

Notice how all data going to the Guest Machines passes trough the Host first, this is the only way data can flow in the system by design. Seeing how the data flows it’s obvious that a hacker can’t get access to the Guests without first getting access to the Host.

Technology Illustration

System Requirements

We support all major x86 Operating Systems


  • Processor
  • Intel i3 or AMD (64-bit)​
  • RAM
  • 4 GB
  • Hard Drive
  • 100 GB of free space
  • Graphics Card
  • AMD/Intel integrated graphics​


  • Processor
  • Intel i7 or AMD (64-bit)
  • RAM
  • 8 GB (more is better)
  • Hard Drive
  • SSD with 200 GB of free space
  • Graphics Card
  • AMD/Intel integrated graphics​
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